Look what youth is doing

It is best to visit the mosque amid low tide season when the islet is open and the stone on which the mosque is manufactured is perfectly uncovered inside an [...]

Zareen Khan Justifying her Boldness

The Muslim attire talks many qualities. Wearing the Hijab, for instance, is a demonstration of compliance, celibacy and unobtrusiveness for Muslim ladies. The [...]

Meri shadi hochuki hai salman khan

nates before it to the religion itself. In spite of the fact that the sources of the Ka'aba are not clear, the effect and criticalness of this stone structure [...]

Shaista Lodhi committed a blunder

Given her open political cognizance, which so far appears to be more unobtrusive and smart than that of her dad, Le Pen's odds of making progress are not half [...]

Rani Mukhrji on Prophet Muhammad SAWW

There are various essential components undermining any trusts of peace. In the principal occurrence the Ethiopians are looked on as detestable occupiers. The [...]

Dangal’ set to take over ‘Sultan’, inches towards 500 crore

Just by proclaiming these words "there is no god beside God, Muhammad is a Messenger of God." accordingly of this insistence, the devotee will declare his/her [...]

Could Aamir Khan Starrer Dangal Beat Salman Khan’s Sultan

As respects God-dreading, Hinduism lectures God is inside you - each heart is the living arrangement of God. So Hinduism decides unambiguously, God is Love and [...]

Aamir Khan Starrer Dangal Continues Strong Hold

All monotheism based investigations, similar to Mohammed powers, relentlessly quested for gold, arrive, and different belonging too. Success by whatever [...]

Bollywood Films That Crossed The Rs 100-Crore Mark In 2016

Then, over a 1800-year time span, starting somewhere in the range of 900 years after the fact to Abraham, Jew turned into the ostensible reference to God [...]

American Actress Jumps from Tower

This will be a huge across the board obliterating war. The fight will occur around the Tell Magiddo in the Jezrell Valley, situated in the region of the plain [...]