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Youthful Muslims today have swung to different mediums to discover love. Requesting that companions coordinate you up is fine yet you never truly know who that other individual is. Numerous Muslims feel awkward about dating as some young fellows and ladies are just intrigued by easygoing dating and nothing more genuine or conferred. Muslim wedding… Read More »

A MMS in Delhi in a Bus

As I strolled up and ceased behind him in line, I heard him inquiring as to whether they had his gas top. He had evidently abandoned it there the day preceding when he had halted for gas.The clerk rather uncertainly stated, “Yes, I saw it here the previous evening.” As she bobbled around searching for… Read More »

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In this way, it is up to others outside to show Muslims the right human progress. It is clear to everybody that the acts of Muslims, especially in the Mid East need change. This I will declare from the peaks without disgrace.The Muslim world and Muslims all in all have veered off from the way… Read More »

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The religion of Islam and Muslims have been under a magnifying lens since the awful episode of September eleventh. I have been told actually by a couple that I have made them awkward, as a result of my Islamic alliance. Weight inside and remotely are currently bringing about the Muslim world and Muslims all in… Read More »

Javeria Abbasi Got Arrested in Dubai

Long range informal communication is a developing wonder and keeping in mind that the vast majority of the Muslim singles that are enrolled at the matchmaking sites utilize this stage for matchmaking, there are other people who appreciate making companions and cooperating with individuals through this medium. Whatever one’s advantage may be. the reality remains… Read More »

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It ought to be borne as a primary concern that the seeds of precariousness are being sown by the administrations themselves and the greedy elites and outside forces that advantage from their run the show. The political restraint of the general population and their monetary misuse is the wellspring of any unsteadiness, not the activity… Read More »

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There are the individuals who assert that any defiance to a Muslim ruler is unsanctioned. Nonetheless, we don’t discover this assessment in the works of the conventional researchers. This feeling is near the moderate Sunni see. In any case, even the Sunni view is contingent, and insubordination is authorized on account of the ruler straightforwardly… Read More »

Miracle of islam baby saying allah at birth

In prior circumstances, when the absence of data and security innovation constrained the extent of state power, it was normal to confine the extent of state authenticity to questions rotating around basically religious issues. Nonetheless, the developed reach of the state requests that examinations of authenticity and faithfulness start considering inquiries, for example, financial security,… Read More »

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As a matter of first importance, we need to tolerate as a main priority that traditional treatises and compositions managing Muslim political hypothesis won’t give us the whole response to the topic of the Islamic authenticity of the progressing uprisings in the Muslim world. This is so in light of the fact that those works… Read More »

What Police Officer did With Girl Watch

American Muslim ladies obviously confront the sexual orientation separation. While many individuals around the globe surmise this does not happen in this nation, in reality it exists. The pay rates these ladies get are likewise less when contrasted with their Muslim male associates. They are anticipated as sexual protests by the media, and in light… Read More »