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By | February 11, 2017

As a matter of first importance, we need to tolerate as a main priority that traditional treatises and compositions managing Muslim political hypothesis won’t give us the whole response to the topic of the Islamic authenticity of the progressing uprisings in the Muslim world. This is so in light of the fact that those works happened in a sociopolitical domain that contrasts absolutely from the present one.

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Particularly critical in such manner is the appearance of the cutting edge country state and its related ideas of state sway, authenticity, fidelity, citizenship, the social contract and the national intrigue. Each of these ideas, in the current setting, contrasts from its premodern theoretical partner, or was obscure in the premodern world. Henceforth, the compositions of premodern Muslim researchers, regardless of how splendid, can’t give us full knowledge into the social, political and social issues that Muslims are right now managing.

Also, the nature of the neocolonial courses of action that win in numerous Muslim country states, where a “comprador bourgeoisie” “deals with” the indigenous masses in the interest of an outside power renders the whole question of the authenticity of the express a dubious point.

As it were, if the state is only a front for outside control, and the arrangements it seeks after are situated to serve the interests of a remote world class, most importantly, it is pointless to talk about the devotion individuals owe to the state without asking a more profound question.