China denied shipping of human

By | November 30, 2016

Large portions of the contentions on the planet are about assets, customer countries, and first world impressions on the developing business sector districts. Let’s be honest, the reasons we go to war are regularly mind boggling and the individuals who battle these wars may not ever acknowledge why they battled or kicked the bucket – or what the genuine cause really was.

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I’d get a kick out of the chance to talk about on such clash on the off chance that I may today. In the no so distant past, I watched a fascinating video by Strafor Intelligence; “France’s Intervention in Mali,” and many said that this intercession was less about the prisoners taken, Islamic jihad, Al Qaeda as it was about oil assets. All things considered, I’ll face off regarding that issue one more day, however there were some fascinating things that associates had said to me about this.

China denied shipping of human meat to Africa | by RealNewsTV

An on the web (never met) colleague expressed; “so in the wake of declining to help America fight fear mongers [pulling out early], they now have their own special Afghanistan!” Another online associate (one I’ve never met either) expressed; “France upheld the US in the war against Terrorism. France went in war in Afghanistan with the Americans. It’s the war in Iraq that we didn’t support and it wasn’t a war against fear mongering however a war for oil.” The second associate is maybe more precise, additionally misses some key focuses, as France was exchanging “Nourishment for Oil” and well, different things.

What’s more, the reason that France didn’t bolster the US in Iraq was additionally about “oil” and cash. The Kurdish “human rights” issue was of little worry to them, nor did they think much about the WMD issue as the US initially sold synthetic weapons to Saddam to use against the Iranians in that war – all history when we went into Baghdad in Gulf War II.