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By | December 26, 2016

Initially part of the specified book manages significance of examining area laws and early on issues. In next sections (2-4) the essayist lists recorded advancement, proprietorship and land organization in Bangladesh. Part five of this book handles with obtaining of Zamindary framework and its effect. The following after sections (6-9) explain occupancy rights, record of rights, exchange, combination, amalgamation and sub-division of land.

At that point in section ten and eleven, Dr. Islam describes about enlistment and methodology of transformation. Therefore, he writes about pre-emption, sub-letting, alluvion-diluvion, easement and solution in section 12-15 individually. After that, in part 16-18 the book shows arrangements with respect to securing and order of land, deserted and vested properties.

Later, Towhidul clarifies arrive charges, endorsement cases and administration and settlement of Khas terrains in section 19-21. Finally, in part 22 this employee of DU verbalizes procedure of land changes that can help the group to guarantee monetary and social equity by giving easy and equivalent access to land and land organization in Bangladesh.

The book is not exhaustive one rather a start for further considering. Be that as it may, the piece could be a decent instrument for the understudies to adapt to current land laws.