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By | November 27, 2016

At no other time in American, and maybe world history has there been such a licensed disavowal of the undeniable truth. Our insight group has been prohibited to talk reality about Islam. Our preparation materials were cleansed of all references to anything censorious about Islam. Our administration pioneers including our military officers were told they can’t articulate the words ‘Islam, Terrorist or Muslim’ in a similar sentence. Why? You choose.

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“Islam has a pleased custom of resilience.” Sorry, Mr. President, I can’t exactly observe it, the realities are in the way.The extraordinary prophet of Islam was conceived in Arabia. Thus, to comprehend the historical backdrop of Islam, one must be familiar with the way of the place where there is that nation and its kin. Arabia is an unlimited promontory in the southwest of Asia. It has waters on the three sides-the Persian Gulf in the east, the Indian Ocean in the south and the Red Sea in the west. In its north, lies the Syrian Desert. In it physical components, Arabia is a rocky abandon. The Arabs call their nation as ‘Jaziratul Arab’ or Desert Island.

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Arabia, especially its northern part, is exceptionally dry and hot. There is no safe stream in the nation. Precipitation is additionally extremely uncommon in Arabia. It is just in the desert garden, which exists here and there in the betray, that a few plants and vegetables are found.On the premise of land components and climatic conditions.

Arabia is partitioned into five territories Hijaz, Najd, Uman, Hadramwt and Yeman. Hijaz is the northern piece of Arabia. The notable urban areas of Makkah and Medinah are arranged in Hijaz. Practically the entire of it is leave. It develops date, palm, grapes and not very many harvests.