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By | November 27, 2016

To put those numbers in context, more individuals kicked the bucket battling in the Ia Drang Valley of Vietnam in two or three days than in Nigeria all month. Then again take Syria, where the US and UN have pronounced an exile crisis, there were more than 229 passings in Vietnam in one day. Why are they escaping by the thousands? Furthermore, why are they escaping to non-Muslim nations? You choose.

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There were assaults far and wide. Islamic psychological militants, “misunderstanders” of Islam, conferred assaults in 24 distinct nations. There 17 Muslim nations being assaulted and 7 non-Muslim. Those are actualities as reported by the media around the globe. China had however 1 assault, 40 Chinese diggers were killed in a remote mine by Muslim psychological oppressors.

Germany the UK, Israel, India, Saudi Arabia and the Sudan each had one assault. The Philippines had 2. Thailand 5.The other war Obama finished was in Afghanistan. There were 18 fear assaults there bringing about 92 passings and another 90 harmed.Other fascinating truths for September are there were individuals killed in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria for essentially being Christians.

There were passings in Iraq, Syria and Pakistan since individuals were gay person. Furthermore, God just comprehends what debased, curved reasons they had for alternate homicides and commotion. Maybe this is on the grounds that they aren’t serene individuals as our President is so frequently saying.