China’s Yulin Dog and Cat Meat Eating Festival

By | December 22, 2016

What’s more, we battle today since psychological militants need to assault our nation and kill our residents, and Iraq is the place they are making their stand. So we’ll battle them there, we’ll battle them over the world, and we will remain in the battle until the battle is won.” (Applause.) – President George W. Hedge

Notwithstanding a lot of solid talk, President Bush’s technique in the War on Terrorism shows a perilous numbness of the special military, strategic, and political parts of the fear monger risk, and breeds an unsafe and turbulent outside arrangement which has just served to put our country in more serious threat.

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Back in the sixth century BC, in his work of art, The Art of War, Sun Tsu watched, “Know your adversary, and in a thousand fights you won’t be crushed.” Sadly, our present Commander-in-Chief disregards the Chinese fabulous ace’s lesson, and effectively shuns the procurement of helpful information about our fear monger foe.

After the 9/11 Commission found that the CIA and FBI could have kept the assaults of September eleventh, had they just more viably shared and imparted their insight to the White House, the Bush Administration could have guaranteed a dynamic and proficient arrangement of American knowledge essentially by transforming as well as streamlining the two offices.