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By | December 31, 2016

Many are stressed that the N1H1 Swine Flu could bring about an extraordinary pandemic in the Middle East because of the quantity of individuals who make the journey to Mecca every year. On the off chance that the swine influenza breaks out and everybody that makes the journey becomes ill, and after that meanders back to the greater part of their towns, urban communities, and towns, then some are stressed that the pandemic will achieve all territories of the Islamic world, possibly slaughtering a huge number of individuals if the infection gets to be distinctly destructive and it is a strain for which no antibodies as of now exist.

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Still, it is my dispute that the yearly journey to Mecca ought to in any case go on, and that the strong God of the Islamic confidence will shield those from mischief. All things considered, the genuine adherents of Islam will be ensured by their God, and in addition the groups of these passionate Muslims. Along these lines, there is nothing to stress over at all, and the general population of Islam ought not stress over the Western media purposeful publicity letting them know not to go to the Mecca journey.

Or maybe, this year is the year that more individuals ought to go, particularly the individuals who haven’t gotten already.Other than that, it ought to be noticed that the swine influenza has not been anyplace close as awful the same number of individuals have implied.

Thusly, a great many people ought to be sheltered in the Middle East, and those heading off to the superb yearly journey to Mecca ought to be protected from damage. God is great, and he will secure the individuals who have faith in him. This is the year that every single passionate Muslim ought to make their journey, keeping in mind the Islamic God. It would be ideal if you consider this.