CRAZIEST Animal Figh*s Caught On Camera

By | January 10, 2017

ISIS/ISIL is not an indigenous association. Their soldiers of fortune are not Jihadists: Yet you hear the political pioneers, for example, UK Prime Minister Cameron, Harper in Canada, Abbott in Australia… and the various world stage swindlers/serial liars saying that ISIS/ISIL is an Islamic association that should be taken action against… and so on, and so on, however in all actuality ISIS/ISIL is NOT Islamic.

The around 12,000 hired fighters making up ISIS/ISIL originating from more than 80 unique nations have no associations with Islam, nor do their families. This profile is sufficient to unequivocally propose that the gathering is a falsely made psychological militant association.

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It has likewise been said that the pioneers of government know very well indeed about the mystery bankrolls and strategic support from the CIA, the Saudi government and Israel given to ISIS/ISIL. This sounds like a normal neo-con operation. The Middle Eastern bogeyman lie has been purchased by general society. The prevailing press turning this yarn is controlled and managed to by the very individuals who developed ISIS/ISIL.

The genuine rulers and bosses controlling the planet have made the ISIS/ISIL false banner operation as a guise for war in Syria and Iraq. Assuming this is the case, then will’s identity next? What about Iran and after that Pakistan..?