Crocodile Attack On Deer

By | January 21, 2017

Shahnameh: the epic of lords composed by Abol Qasem Firdowsi Tousi, whose transcripts are accessible in all libraries of the world. what these two source books say in regards to the history must be taken as evidentiary archive and talking or writing as opposed to the representations or occurences refered to in these socuments couldn’t give any worthful matirial to the perusers of the historical backdrop of the Rai sahiras line.

A book of lords, the Epic of rulers, Shahnameh was essentially composed about the persian rulers. before his writitngs on the lords, Aqiqi was started the work and he couldn’t proceed in his life. at that point firdowsi did the venture and had composed this book with fifty thousand couplets. the english interpretation of this book was finished by helen Zimmern in 1883. Firdowsi has composed this book in 1010 AD and its english interpreter was separated into 18 sections.

It discribes the persian rulers inception and nature of enormity of that time and they were the rulers of universe. It has given the record of fifty rulers of the persian domain began from Kayumers to Yezdigirds for a long time of history of present day Iran. The King of Fars what the Chachnamah alluded for the sake of lord of fars could look like the name of Badshah Nimroz of Iran, when the war was pursued in Sindh by Rai Sahiras in which he had been murdered.

The ruler of fars was referral to the name of Persian lord of iran went into the Sindh area and executed the ruler rai sahiras. after he murdered by the ruler of fars his child climbed the position of royalty and kept on being the lord of the sindh with similar domains of four governors of his administration.