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By | November 27, 2016

You need to hand it to Marc “Creature” MacYoung, he has probably the most innovative titles in the self-protection sort. “Pool Cues, Beer Bottles, and Baseball Bats: Animal’s Guide to Improvised Weapons for Self-Defense and Survival” is unquestionably an innovative title.

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Once the inventive title gets your consideration, MacYoung hits you with his first sentences, “You know, I don’t compose these books so individuals can go out and kick somebody’s… Actually, I think of them so individuals don’t go out and get their … kicked.” This was one of the before books MacYoung composed, and you can see that he is not a long way from the road in his written work. There is an impressive contrast between some of his later works and his prior ones. Some of his dialect is much rougher in his prior works, so on the off chance that you are irritated by this, you might need to adhere to his later books.

Nonetheless, one thing that you find in the greater part of his books is viable counsel on protecting yourself and different viewpoints with respect to battling and self-preservation. He has put out a considerable measure of good data. You won’t not concur with all that he says, but rather I promise you in the event that you read his works he will give you things to consider and will help you with the subjects he expounds on.

This book is shorter than some of his others, yet inside the 136 pages are some extremely handy rules for utilizing ad libbed weapons for self-protection. He begins with a section on the reality of weapons. He then quickly discloses keys to search for and designs.