Daesh are destroying the tomb of sahabi

By | December 28, 2016

Jordan’s association with Syria is superior to anything it has been in quite a while; most likely the best it’s ever been,” he told the Journal. “So the engagement now between the Syrian and Jordanian government on monetary participation are at a record-breaking high.”

Over the span of the meeting King Abdullah turned at the end of the day to the statistic card and noticed that inside eight or ten years that 50% of Israel would be Arab. While this statistic card has been played various circumstances amid arrangements there is a considerable measure of discussion over this claim and there is some confirmation that Islamic births are really on the descending winding while Jewish births are on the rise. Abdullah dismisses any proposals that Jordan assimilate the Palestinians, this is humorous in that Jordan is one of the essential genuine beginnings of the Palestinian individuals.

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The fact of the matter is Abdullah is not inspired by retaining the Palestinians and having them gotten to be troublemakers and making disorder in his kingdom, nor is he intrigued by facilitating Hamas and other psychological militant gatherings who are use to running wild in Gaza and the West Bank. Ruler Abdullah is just keen on driving Israel into making concessions for the general Islamic objective of the possible pulverization of the Jewish state.

It is my feeling that these unordinary remarks originating from Jordan’s King Abdullah could be a clue that we are drawing nearer and nearer to the Psalm 83 situation and maybe even to the satisfaction of Isaiah 17 as Syria has made late declarations that they would not sit still in the following clash between the Israelis and Palestinians.