Dark side of Hindustan

By | January 21, 2017

Khalifa Al Hakim set up Dar Al Hikma in Egypt in 1003 AD. At the season of Khalifa Makhdoon, just Cordoba in Muslim Spain had 1800 foundations of higher learning . Granada University had 120 educators instructing different branches of learning. The city had 1200 schools and 17 universities.

The most essential organization of higher learning in the Muslim world was Jamia (University) Al Azhar of Egypt. It was built up in 971 AD amid the sacred month of Ramadan. Today it is the best establishment of higher learning in Islamic instruction and writing. It is the second most seasoned degree granting college of the world. Like a Maktab and Madrassa, Jamia Al Azhar was additionally joined to the immense Al Azhar Masjid and henceforth was upheld by Islamic trust.

The college has the second biggest library of Egypt. Today under “Al Azhar Online” venture, more than seven million books are being safeguarded on its site including uncommon Islamic compositions. Designing and Medical training is additionally given nearby religions instruction. It used to be the focal point of brilliance of Islamic law. Abual Hasan Ibn Nauman Al Khairanvi, the child of Imam Abu Hanifa was the first to lead here an open course on Islamic law.

He was the main equity around then. Such open workshops offered ascend to the flexibility of expression. The workplaces of the judges were set up inside the college. Incredible recorded identities like Ibn Khaldoon, the student of history, and Ibn Haythem, the father of optics, were connected with this awesome establishment.