What our daughters are bearing in universities

By | January 29, 2017

On December 27, The New York Times led the pack. It announced that “Israeli airstrikes hit Hamas security offices in Gaza on Saturday in a devastating reaction to the gathering’s rocket fire….Israeli military authorities (called the assault) a push to constrain Hamas to end its rocket blasts into southern Israel.

A large number of Israelis rushed into reinforced hideouts in the midst of the hail of rockets,” making it appear like Israel looked like London amid the barrage when, truth be told, Hamas assaults are simple stick pricks and just react to first-strike Israeli assaults.

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The Times and overwhelming media are quiet on this. They keep spreading spurious lies about Hamas being “formally dedicated to Israel’s decimation, and when it won Palestinian authoritative decisions in 2006 and after that “coercively” assumed control Gaza in 2007, it said it would not perceive Israel, respect past Palestinian Authority duties to it, or end its viciousness against Israelis.”

The greater part of the above is untrue. The Times keeps on revealing dishonestly. Hamas needs peace, has more than once been mollifying, and its author, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, said prior that furnished battle would end “if the Zionists finished (their) control of Palestinian domains and quit executing Palestinian ladies, youngsters and pure regular people.

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