After Death The Soul See

By | December 21, 2016

It’s an interesting incongruity, since the originator of the Christian Church was known for extending a hand to the marginalized…the politically weak…and the abused. Jesus Christ was not a defender of bondage, but rather of flexibility – opportunity for a person to make the best choice, to take after the ethical way.

Still, if a few Americans can endeavor to contend an association amongst Christianity and subjugation, it appears to be not out of the question to look at the connection amongst bondage and Islam.

There is trustworthy proof to demonstrate that the prophet Muhammad took slaves amid attacks as a type of abundance. Muslims have been known to take both Christians and dark Muslims as slaves. Truth be told, the Koran states, “Prophet, We have made legitimate to you the spouses to whom you have allowed shares and the slave young ladies whom God has given you as goods.”

Truly, there are the individuals who say that any person who calls attention to an association between the Koran and subjugation is reaching an incorrect determination. One could contend that the words on the page ought not be taken truly. However, how might one disregard the works of a world religion- – to state that the religion’s authentic book is simply dream?