By | December 17, 2016

Dear perusers, as I specify when the event emerges, the universe is an awesome request and nothing it contains is heedless, self-assertive and coincidental. Allah (s.w.t.) has made nothing futile and also he doesn’t state anything futile.Not without reason did We make paradise and earth and all betweenEverything is as it ought to be in the universe

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Presently I need to pull in your thoughtfulness regarding something. Suppose you got up in the morning. You had your breakfast. You dropped by your auto keeping in mind the end goal to go to work. You checked the level of fuel and the weight of tires. What’s more, you likewise needed to check the motor oil. You opened the hood. You investigated everything.

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Would you see there anything superfluous or functionless? Every piece there is interconnected with others and sorted out to satisfy a specific capacity. Every piece has been made with specific qualities for satisfying its capacity in the most ideal way. Some of them are of steel, some of them elastic, and some plastic…

Dear perusers, when the unfit people put everything all together in a straightforward system, for example, a vehicle, by what means can Allah, who is the Creator of individuals, their minds, contemplations, learning, practices and works, ever make anything capricious and functionless in the request that He has set up? There is a flawless request and association in the universe. Everything in the universe is interconnected with each other. Everything has been made for a specific reason and they all have been furnished with some specific plan and components for satisfying their particular capacities.

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