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By | January 29, 2017

The armed force proceeded with its figured attacks and killings. Truly the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza is an unspeakable atrocity for which the Israeli government as well as the American one bears full obligation.Indeed, for the US to bolster and be an assistant in Israeli atrocities is filling a significantly more key need. What it is really doing is setting up “another request” in the Middle East which will guarantee proceeded with US mastery in the locale and control over its oil assets.

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Israel is however a little accomplice in this ridiculous exertion. The US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, dangers against Iran and Syria and the Israeli war against Lebanon in 2006 are all piece of this US utilization of the Israeli convention to command and separation the Arab and Muslim universes.

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Despite this military and discretionary support, the authorities of the US Administration fear a conceivable Israeli disappointment, like what occurred in Lebanon in 2006 and have encouraged Israel to settle a timetable and leave technique, outside negotiators told the Los Angeles Times.

“US authorities are worried that the battle could delay without devastating Hamas, and may significantly reinforce bolster for the aggressor aggregate – similarly as the Israeli crusade in Lebanon fortified Hezbollah. You are not hearing that same certainty you did in 2006 that the Israeli military can force another key reality,” said one Arab ambassador in Washington.

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