By | December 31, 2016

Albanian Muslims were available In Kosovo since 1948; they have gotten to be Muslims when Ottoman Empire came to Serbia in 1389. Since 1970 Muslim fear mongers have incited Serbian people group and killed various policemen. They have been upheld by various “Islamic migrants” from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Bosnia-Herzegovina with the venture to build up an Islamic Caliphate.

We generally think about whether the White House experts have a decent learning of Europe previous history, before proposing a particular military choice against a potential EU accomplice. Criminalization of Serbia is utilized to display a photo of mercilessness without considering that any war incites broad sufferers on both sides, particularly from regular folks.

We expect that behind the Kosovo issue, there is today the most imperative operation to fabricate a Great Albany. As we would like to think Kosovo ought to have a self-governance status like the Basque Provinces for a specific period and afterward being incorporated into the EU and Serbia.

The walk toward winning the Islamic world after Barack Hussein Obama’s point of interest discourse in Cairo proceeds with unabated to the disservice, obviously, of the small Democratic nation in the Middle East, Israel.