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By | January 4, 2017

Hajj and the greater part of its ceremonies are associated with the life of Muslim’s Prophet Abraham and he is the one endowed for the development of the (place of GOD), every one of the rituals incorporated into Hajj are the critical and highlighted occasions of Prophet Abraham’s life and today when Muslims performs hajj, they fundamentally play out a reenactment of those highlighted occasions throughout prophet’s life.

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Once the development of the place of GOD was finished, Prophet Abraham was summoned to perform hajj consistently and after his demise his child kept on honing this charge by Almighty GOD. Be that as it may, as time passed the customs and the objectives of hajj were changed by the general population of Mecca. The place of GOD lost its immaculateness totally when Arabia was at the pinnacle of worshipful admiration, more than 360 symbols were put inside it and the dividers were completely secured by lyrics and artistic creations.

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Obliviousness made the general population of Arabia go round the place of GOD exposed both men and ladies, contending on a note that they ought to present themselves before GOD in a similar condition they were conceived. The environment of the holy regions of the place of GOD looks like a bazaar amid the hajj time frame.

Hand applauding, shrieking and blowing horns turned into the piece of hajj for the general population of Arabia they began presenting their own made “Psalm “, ‘Nobody is your accomplice with the exception of one who is allowed by you. You are his lord and the ace of what he has’.

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