Devyani khobragade Indian diplomat

By | February 10, 2017

Each time we point our finger at the world, there are fingers pointed appropriate back at us.We indicate debasement while we neglect to see the defilement in our own particular social orders. We point at narrow mindedness and neglect to see our own particular intra-religious bigotry.

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When we point at unbridled realism, we don’t have to look extremely far to see it in our own selves. What’s more, when we indicate savagery against the blameless; we don’t have to look extremely far to see it occurring by us and against our own particular individuals.On the advanced worldwide stage which we as a whole share.

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the Muslims are not the ones to whom the world looks to for direction, course or offer assistance. All the more regularly we are looking for it from others. I decline to trust that responses for the world’s issues don’t exist in what was uncovered to our Prophet (SAWS).

For sure the appropriate responses are there on the off chance that we connect with the full broadness of what Islamic celestial writings bring to the table. We can’t hurry to apply shariah laws to supplication, hajj and marriage and even contend about it while not making a difference divine direction to the way we deal with our legislatures, our social orders, or our business and common codes of morals.

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