Difficult Life of Muslims

By | January 29, 2017

As a competitor in the current presidential decision, Obama changed his tone and said that Israel had the “right” to full sway over all of Al Quds (Jerusalem), a position that ensures that there won’t be an enduring peace in the district, as Arabs and Muslims will never revoke their true blue rights to the city.

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Obama’s correct hand man, head of staff Rahm Emanuel, is a frenzied Zionist who worked for the Israeli armed force amid the 1991 [Persian] Gulf War.Presently, these measures were viewed as a way to dodge feedback by the powerful professional Israeli entryway in Washington, which has profoundly penetrated both the US Republican and the Democratic gatherings.

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Obama’s underlying response to the Gaza slaughter was “no remark”. This has driven many individuals to begin thinking about whether his self-proclaimed standards of security and poise are likewise going to be connected to the Palestinian individuals.

There is most likely the United States will pay a high cost for its support of Israel’s state fear mongering.Numerous dissidents from everywhere throughout the world are blazing US banners and demonstrating their entire dismissal of US arrangements that advance Zionist fear.