Dog shows anger with owner’s daughter

By | January 11, 2017

Ra-mama’ or ‘capable mother’ is the central lord of the Hindu religion and is in ‘Rama-dan’, the season of Muslim fasting. The child of the slam is the ‘sheep of God’ that was relinquished. It is the motivation behind why sheep are relinquished in Jewish and Muslim societies while Jesus Christ has supplanted the sheep in Christian circles.

It’s post Easter and the supposed Good Friday as it is known in religious circles has at the end of the day come and gone. So ought to the Spirit God be enraged? Gog and Magog are substances in Ezekiel Chapter 38 and they speak to the two divine beings that control this world. These baffling names are confounded and the prescience, which is generally overlooked, was adjusted to suit man’s religions and belief systems conceived of sun love.

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My resurrection and information that paradise and hellfire are myths conceived of obliviousness in days of yore, and in addition my connection to the Spirit and commissions given, sent me determined to find what these things mean. Why is the world in tumult, why are people pulverizing the earth they rely on upon and why do they love symbols and symbols speaking to false divine beings and pretend? The answers are here.

Taken through the book of scriptures to comprehend what is valid and what is man-made (by those coveting to bolster their cause) the words broke separated and permitted me to peruse them as they would have been perused before.