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By | December 1, 2016

History and the laws of financial aspects make it clear with reference to what we have been encountering in the Middle East and around the world. The courses in which the petroleum business adds to the beginnings of World War III ( three ) is much the same as it added to the Second World War ( II ) and the Viet Nam struggle.

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One reason and needs that Adolph Hitler had for his different arrangements of hostility depended on control of vitality by method for petroleum. Two snappy references about this requirement for petroleum: 1) Hitler wanted to push profound into Russia to secure the oil fields of Baku – to get petroleum supplies for directing his wars 2) Dutch Shell’s support of Hitler’s initial vocation and war in fund and political impact.

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Viet Nam was a comrade and an oil rich country – now an individual from OPEC. Despite the fact that the war in Viet Nam was known as a police activity – we were fulfilled to shield the southern half from socialism and its control of the oil saves until it turned out to be so unfathomably costly – in cash and death toll – and politically harming to petroleum disapproved of US legislators.

Presently we have given Russia a chance to offer oil toward the West, basically restoring their dead economy. This facilitates our reliance on OPEC and center east petroleum providers and also oil makers like Venezuela with Hugo Chavez requiring a hostile to American position as frequently as could be expected under the circumstances.