Dog vs Snake

By | November 30, 2016

In Islam, each man or lady who enters the overlap of the ‘Supernaturally Ordained’ religion is bound by various laws and convictions that he is to receive for managing in the material world. Doubtlessly, the most imperative confidence among these is to put stock in the uniqueness of the Creator, His Powers and His Attributes. It is subsequently, known to be the obligation of Muslims to submit their lives to their maker as well as pass on the message to the individuals who still abide in obliviousness.

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A couple days prior, while skimming through some news sites on the web I ran over one of president Obama’s discourse that he conveyed amid a Summit on Entrepreneurship a month back. The discourse secured points on what territories he needed American residents to look upon to add on to their profitability and how they ought to work together with each other to advance their shared objectives of sustenance. Among this discourse was additionally a point that got every one of my eyes and ears.

The president shed light on a Muslim figure; Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa for his commitments on catching the creative energy of adolescents through a message of resistance with his comic arrangement entitled “The 99 superheroes”.This arrangement of comic saints as I found later were really gotten from the 99 names of Almighty Allah.

The author of Teshkeel Comics, Mutawa, considered his demonstration to be a method for building a scaffold between the Muslim fanatics and the Western belief system by making utilization of the Islamic ideas to advance general ideals. The comic book with a month to month membership around US, UK, Middle East and a few different nations since initially imprinted in May 2006, for me was difficult to accept.