Dreams In Reality

By | January 4, 2017

Also, (recollect) when We demonstrated Ibrahim(AS) the site of the House (saying): ‘Partner not anything with Me, and bless My House for the individuals who circumambulate it, and the individuals who stand up (for petition), and the individuals who bow and make surrender (in supplication).” [Surah al-Hajj: 26-27]

The glory of this trip must be comprehended when one understands who he/she will visit: The place of Allah SWT on this planet, SubhanAllah!Appropriate from the earliest starting point, Hajj serves as an essence for the trip of the Hereafter.

Before leaving on this blessed journey, the Muslim pioneers (or Hajis) need to wear Ihram, which is the clothing standard for Hajj. There is no specific confinement for ladies, they can wear any unassuming garments which keeps up their Hijab, if it is not made of silk. For men, it comprises of two un-sewn bits of white material, sounds natural?

Yes, Ihram is typical to Muslim’s internment attire or “Kafan”! At the point when a Muslim bites the dust, his/her body is wrapped in white cover (kafan) before it is sent to the last resting place, the grave. Kafan, accordingly, symbolizes the start of our last trip, which begins directly after a man passes on. Similarly, when a Pilgrim wears Ihram, he is being helped to remember his definitive trip of Hereafter.