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By | January 28, 2017

Thsi uneven dry and chilly district used to back and breed these goats.The individuals from valleys of the kashmir used to process and mesh it into fine pashmnia shawls .Later with the development of the exchange weaving on it (helpful artworks) were found out from the artisans of the Persia and the recent USSR.The reliogion Islam additionally came to Kashmir through these specialties and exchange as opposed to by sword as is wrongly told.

All the inbabitants at the transformation stage were PANDITS however the King was a Budist,who turned into a muslim on the preachings of a holy person from the Hamdan ordinarily called as SHAH –E—HAMDAN.The mosque is stiil referred to on his name as SHAH-E-HAMDAN mosque,Such has benn his rapture that every one of the Hindus of kashmir valley got to be Muslims.

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it is said a vessel brimming with the scred string which savants use to wear round their neck and body were singed on this occasion.Some of the religious preasts of the sanctuaries still proceeded with their colossal grounds and properties.

In this manner another class of individuals on monetary lines was changed of this revolution.The artisans,handicrafts and pashmina weavers and trades.The growere stayed limited to the dry and chilly leave region.The poor took to weaving and making works and looms