Execution shows ISIS harsh treatment

By | December 25, 2016

Genuine connections are just those in view of shared trust and regard and are typically integral where every individual brings one of a kind qualities that enhance the union. The present Nigerian union is an outright disagreement instead of correlative and can never work. It unmistakably demonstrates that a coldblooded world (United States and Britain, due to oil) is attempting to strongly meld into a “destructive one unit” people groups with perilously restricted qualities, perspectives, religions and societies.

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This kind of union can just prevail as malignant cells (the different parts of the “one body” [country]) that annihilate and murder off each other. Who advantages and who experiences demanding sparing such seriously ailing parts? Valuable lives can be spared by separating the parts that would not work in congruity with the body.

Video Linkhttp://iviralvids.com/execution-shows-isis-harsh-treatment/

Isolating Nigeria today will end the current Islamic extremism, contempt, hostility and narrow mindedness of Igbo/Biafra individuals; the Boko Haram scourge. Nobody leaves a logically rotting part of the body appended sitting tight for the “one day” that a cure would be found.

This turns out to be significantly more preposterous when encounters like those of Sudan and South Sudan, India and Pakistan, the previous Soviet Union, and so forth demonstrate obviously that removing the gangrened part/s would leniently end the agony and enduring, and a world’s blemish that is one-Nigeria.

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