Execution shows ISIS harsh treatment

By | December 25, 2016

At the point when a people are viciously constrained to accept abnormal characters, they take part in an unending battle; battling to locate their lost selves and in this manner represent a danger to the general prosperity of the world.

Today Northern Nigeria is in absolute emergency not on account of neediness as is being touted by a few nations like the US and Britain. The north of Nigeria and additionally whatever remains of the nation is in confuse on the grounds that the people groups are enduring under a genuine personality emergency and they are attempting to get themselves. There is a genuine clash of selves, subsequently the name Boko Haram: The revocation of Western culture or Western personality.

Northern Nigeria needs an Islamic sharia character (culture) and one-Nigeria is denying them that basic ideal to pick how they need to live, love and be represented. The world group can’t expect that in the event that they proceeded to gullibly assent to the bogus idea of a one-Nigeria that they will forever get away from the scourge of Islamic Boko Haram.

The answer for the issue lies in empowering the different ensnared developments to grasp the standards of Freedom and Self Determination. Through separating of the present one-Nigeria strains will stop and the world will have tranquility, flourishing, advance and security from that part of the world.