Faisal Qureshi basting on Pakistani media

By | December 23, 2016

This intelligence is such an omniscient thing, to the point that covers the entire universe:A solitary cognizance, a widespread intelligence, infests the universe. The revelations of science, those that hunt the quantum way of subatomic matter, have moved us to the verge of a startling acknowledgment: all presence is the declaration of this astuteness.

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In the research centers we encounter it as data that first physically enunciated as vitality and afterward consolidated into the type of matter. Each molecule, each being, from iota to human, seems to speak to a level of data, of wisdom.

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This implies the material universe is not a purposeless and turbulent stack of iotas, as the nonbeliever/realist doctrine expect, yet is rather an indication of an astuteness which existed before the universe and which has supreme power over everything that exists. In Schroeder’s words, it is “as though a mystical substrate was urged the physical”.

This disclosure smashs the entire realist myth and uncovers that the material universe we see is only a sorry excuse for an otherworldly Absolute Being. Along these lines, as Schroeder clarifies, quantum material science has turned into the point where science and religious philosophy meet

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