Fake saint exposed by woman

By | January 20, 2017

starts to do great deeds, his position should be step by step brought up in the general public. In this manner one’s position in the general public might be in extent to the nature of his deeds. The Quran says: The most respected of you in seeing Allah is the person who is more faithful to the laws of Allah Almighty. (49/13)

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A large portion of the general population append more significance to young men as contrasted and the young ladies and men are viewed as better than ladies. This is an awful thing. As indicated by the Holy Quran men and ladies are all people, equivalent to each other by birth and similarly worth of regard. As said before, the model of regard and of being high or low among every individual, men and in addition ladies is the nature of their deeds.

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Last the third sort of wrongdoing or zulam which is never be excused, the transgression or zulam whose discipline is endless hellfire fire, endless presence in a place where Allah will copy their skin and reproduce their skin and again copy their skin, The damnation fire will be 70 times more hot than present earth fire, a place where Allah pour upon his people groups the bubbling water which copy the appearances and copy their inner parts.

where put where just sustenance is tree of zaqum whose organic products resemble demons dead and the main drink is the discharge of wounds or discharge release from genital of fornicators, this the drink of individuals of hellfire fire. The general population who make evade with Allah, they will remain in that hellfire perpetually and they will never at any point turn out from damnation and heaven will be made illegal to them.

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