Farhan Saeed Enjoys His Wedding

By | December 21, 2016

This distortion of God’s Word by America’s Christian pioneers, combined with their prejudice for different types of religious love, speaks to the primary tragedies submitted against God. Rather than demonstrating individuals the genuine approaches to God, they are upsetting the seekers of God, while they, themselves, are going down a way that prompts to Hell. Pride and voracity are the primary inclinations directing a large number of America’s evangelists, as they copy each other, while looking for individual pick up on the planet.

Ninety five percent of the world’s Christian ministers live in America, or are impacted by American evangelists. Most work on: promising common thriving to the seekers of God- – contrary to the genuine lessons of God. Man can’t serve God and the world. God needs us to look for His ways and His Law, and to experience our lives in all out Faith in Him, not depending on things of this world to manage or to convey us.

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These false prophets might apparently succeed just for a brief timeframe, before God’s Wrath will bargain deceptively with them and with their territories. The Judgments that will come to pass for America (alluded to in the Scriptures as: “Babylon” and ‘Babylon the considerable’), because of the mass transgressions of God’s Law by our pioneers and individuals, will be catastrophic to the point that the world will be lamented and shocked.

Many rush to call attention to the banquet of religion in human progress as the bond that keeps us together; a bond, which keeps society from disturbing into confusion and suddenly swinging to political agitation.