Father Raped His Own Daughter

By | December 25, 2016

Individuals here and there say I am a defender for Islam. That is a long way from reality! Numerous things need to change in the Muslim world. These incorporate the manhandle and enslavement of ladies, and the need to stop human trafficking that happens in a hefty portion of the biggest Muslim nations. We battle with comparative issues all through American culture. We can’t single out Muslims for feedback on the off chance that we have not put whatever is left of our home all together. We should all cooperate to battle for the privileges of ladies in Islam and the West.

Beck and Limbaugh, and a significant part of whatever is left of the media, do us an injury by continually bothering the appalling psychological militant occurrences of our later past. Yes, they were awful, and executed a huge number of individuals. However, where is their shock over the a huge number of individuals that we permit to bite the dust on our thruways every year, since we don’t satisfactorily control smashed driving? Few tipsy drivers are Muslim!

We have to reevaluate what is to our greatest advantage as a nation. Beck and Limbaugh have had the bull horn for quite a while, and I trust that their communicated states of mind about Islam and Muslims are doing us more damage than great. It is the ideal opportunity for whatever is left of us to stand up and say that’s the last straw.

Sindh has dependably been a fruitful and rich nation. For a huge number of years, it had kept up exchange joins with different nations, some of them in far-flung districts of the world.