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By | December 26, 2016

All designed agnostic reproductions of God are articulate breaks of rule that God has uncovered to the Prophets. In this way they satisfy Satan’s objective, however supporters attempted to legitimize that ‘all ways of religion prompt to God’ – despite the fact that their ways urge humankind with the foul Paganism of the pre-human Jinns, and never with God’s Path.

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As religion float away from the God’s Path, it transforms into un-religion or irreligion which tries to blow up by retribution God as ‘innocuous’. The Pagan Ethic (additionally called the Wiccan Rede) declares: ‘On the off chance that it hurts none, do what you will’ – taking after this code, Pagan religious philosophy is construct principally in light of understanding, with the point of Pagan custom to reach the awesome on the planet.

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that encompasses them. In any case, history uncovers what number of Pagan civic establishments of the past have been rebuffed by the God which are died, just some exist now as exhibition hall relics; and God has uncovered the results of human unmanageability:

“Deeds after the way of the general population of Pharaoh and those before them”: They regarded as false the Signs of their Lord so we crushed them for their violations, and We suffocated the general population of Pharaoh: for they were oppressors and miscreants.’ (Q, 8: 54);’And to what number of populaces did I give rests, which were given to wrong-doing? At last I rebuff them. To Me is the goal of all.

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