female teacher and the student

By | December 26, 2016

independent of the sympathy toward “great” and ‘shrewdness’. As we swing to agnostic divine beings and goddesses, they set their terms of sorcery, mythology, and demonology, dark enchantment or dark craftsmanship by the office of wickedness spirits, and white enchantment of human duplicities in every polytheistic religion of olden times.

The act of magic started the conviction that after death the Soul keeps on existing on earth, and the ownership of a prevalent information by the incorporeal soul, and the likelihood of correspondence between the living and the dead. Be that as it may, in God’s disclosure, no Jinn god or human is equipped for resurrecting voluntarily: ‘when passing methodologies one of you, Our blessed messengers take his Soul, and they never flop in their obligation

Soul can’t live on earth after common passing, yet the Jinn race still has some arcane power that keeps on beguiling individuals by making the instances of reenacted “resurrections” or reawakened spooky souls and so forth – which yet stay as oddity enchantment by neglecting to reflect in the strolls of life.

Their debasements of Heaven’s truth came to top when they patched up the cliques of genealogical female gods by telling ‘Mother goddess’ as female standards of the Divine – when God uncovers Himself in manly sexual orientation Who never has any spouse (Q, 72:3), and has cautioned that the individuals who call even the “Holy messengers” as female are disrespectful