Fish that can also fly

By | February 10, 2017

Let there emerge out of you a band of individuals welcoming to all that is great, charging what is correct, and precluding what isn’t right: They are the ones to accomplish felicity.”3:104There must be a minimum a gathering of the Muslims who are occupied with the act of urging what is correct and denying what is malicious. Else, we as a whole are to blame.

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Our total assets as a religious gathering is associated to some extent to our getting a charge out of the great and precluding the wrong “You are the best country separated for the general population; you urge great and disallow fiendish.

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In this manner we can’t disregard as Muslims there is some commitment for us to give moral authority to the world. As we approach the 100 year characteristic of the post khilafate environment, despite the fact that there are more than one billion Muslims on the planet.

otherworldly administration is at a premium, and when present, is as often as possible separated against itself, and frameworks of Islamic balanced governance are obviously missing. So the test of making a businesslike, ethically principled and reason driven umma is maybe more noteworthy now than whenever amid the 1400 or more years since the age of the Prophet (SAWS).