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By | January 22, 2017

Be that as it may, the site of the primordial hillock was exchanged to Mecca when the Jewish tribes of Medina rejected Prophet Muhammad, and the qibla (course of supplication) was changed from Jerusalem to Mecca. Accordingly from a typical Semitic starting point of sanctuary and the Ka’ba the Great Mosque stands today as the sacred focal point of Islam. Indeed, even in pre-Islamic circumstances the Ka’ba was a hallowed site and was thought to be ‘the sacrosanct House of Allah.’ But Ka’ba has been loaded with agnostic symbols commonly by the run of agnostic Arabs.

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With the ascent of Islam, again holiness of Ka’ba was reestablished when Prophet Muhammad purified it of the agnostic symbols (except for the pictures of Jesus and Mary). Since that time the Ka’ba has assumed a focal part in the religious existence of Muslims around the globe.

As far back as the Prophet Muhammad got God’s charge, “From at all place thou issuest, turn thy confront towards the Holy Mosque” (Q, 2:144), Muslims trusted that the little altar situated close to the focal point of the Great mosque in Mecca is the most holy place on earth. Worked into the eastern mass of the Ka’ba there is the Black Stone of Mecca (al-Hazar al-Aswad).

The Ka’ba denoted the area where the sacrosanct world crossed with the degrade, and the installed Black Stone was a further image of this as a protest that connected paradise and earth [5]. The creation started by extending the earth around this inside. “The principal land to show up upon the substance of the water was Mecca. At that point God unfurled the earth out from under it” [6]. In definite Revelation, the ‘Image of Ka’ba’ is similarly critical as the ‘Name of God’.