Frog Rain in Mingolia

By | December 24, 2016

What they anticipated is precisely what is occurring now. Iraq is breaking apart, successfully part into three separate nations. “Islamic” fundamentalist guerrillas have vanquished Mosul and northern Iraq. The entire Middle East is crumpling. A great many individuals have lost their homes and are presently living in displaced person camps in Iraq, Syria, Jordan.

Lebanon and somewhere else, generally overlooked and overlooked by the world outside, while psychological oppressors and guerrillas and armed forces overcome and mistreat and plot demise and decimation with exemption. Our attack of Iraq should convey flexibility and majority rule government and security to the nation; rather, it has opened the way to insurgency, oppression, and common war.

The genuine explanations behind the US intrusion of Iraq in 2003 had nothing to do with either opportunity or popular government and everything to do with war profiteering for US barrier makers, control of Iraq’s immense oil holds, and the improvement of the Greater Israel so enthusiastically craved by Israel’s radical Zionist minority. These Zionist fanatics are the “indirect access adversary” subtly controlling US and Israeli remote arrangement and exploiting “Islamic” fear monger brutality to propel their own devilish motivation.

War in the Middle East is a key technique for propelling this motivation. As Pope Francis has brought up, when a war is being created, we ought to ask ourselves: Who will benefit from this? We hear continually about “Islamic” psychological oppressors and their underhanded arrangements, and I won’t minimize the awfulness and fiendishness of the brutality they execute.