Frozen fish comes alive

By | February 2, 2017

One can’t help thinking about whether the current declaration of halfway ease from a coercive law and the guarantee of a lovely future arrangement to build up the state is just to trick the world that something great is being done to Kashmir finally. However, what utilize are such affected guarantees when the soul of the general population is dead from inside? At this moment, Kashmir needs the soul to live once more, it needs flexibility of life and that opportunity ought to allow the general population to live without dread of being tormented slaughtered and assault pick up. Kashmiris needs flexibility to live all alone, to be far from the dangers of being assaulted over and over.

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The worldwide brethren of Kashmir are just pestered with Palestine issue that goes for end of Israel. To them, Kashmir is just a story to be identified yet barely a subject to consider up important in world discussion. Pakistan is controlled by India and India’s notable non responsiveness towards individuals in the edge raises no desire any longer. USA is finding no oil to seek after in Kashmir; thus its posse of companions in the UN is not by any stretch of the imagination annoyed.

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Under harsh measures and pressure, Kashmiris could barely mutter its agony and express its needs. The neighborhood Kashmir discussions on Freedom Movement are not sufficiently solid while the initiative sucks up in nexus of operation with the inside, and the general population waited on in sorrow like a Zombie, the lovely valley lay exhaust with no soul. In this space of time and basic conditions, the part of activists will be of extraordinary esteem. Be that as it may, where workmanship thou in this hour of need to help Kashmir?

THE QUESTIONS FOR SOLUTION: In this hour, Nehru’s words may raise our sensibilities, that the choice will be made in the hearts and psyches of the men and ladies of Kashmir; neither in the Indian Parliament, nor in the United Nations nor by any other individual.