Giant snake spits out its prey

By | January 3, 2017

With respect to weaponry, their arms stockpile has extended in amount as well as in complexity. The disordered change in Libya saw weapons stores plundered and endless measures of military gear being seized by renegades. It was from this source AQIM profited immensely as far as obtaining a substantial number of advanced weaponry, some of which has discovered its way into Boko Haram’s stockpile.

The Nigerian military have neglected to stem this stream of weapons, predominantly in light of the fact that the long permeable outskirts are difficult to screen and watch with the labor and assets available to them. Subsequently the expanding carrying of arms from Libya and Mali has proceeded with apace and for all intents and purposes unhindered.

So can Boko Haram truly represent a sound risk to the Nigerian oil industry? Since the command of ISIS in the Middle east, Boko Haram has become in numbers and hardware as well as in certainty. A week ago, deserting their typical find the stowaway strategies, they went up against the Nigerian armed force and vanquished it in Mubi, a city of somewhere in the range of 129,000 tenants in Adamawa State constraining the armed force to withdraw in scramble and turmoil.

Despite the fact that up ’til now they have not propelled any further south from their heartlands, Boko Haram have as of late issued dangers against oil refineries and pipelines particularly in the Niger Delta, dangers that ought not be overlooked.