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By | January 5, 2017

History is loaded with philosophical calamities that have tormented humankind through three thousand years. These bad dreams of reality have been overlooked in the stealthy advance of time. This article sets out some of those inconsistencies of the religions of man.

What is religion? The word reference definition is Belief in, love of, or dutifulness to an otherworldly power or powers thought to be divine or to have control of human predetermination. 2. Any formal or organized articulation of such conviction. 3. The state of mind and sentiment one who puts stock in an otherworldly controlling force or powers.Taking this to a fundamental level, you and only you pick or make your religion.

You trust, you love and you are loyal to a powerful source. You can by and by take after any religion on the planet or make your own. Normally, numerous world religions are presently settled establishments made hundreds of years prior in an unenlightened age. A period when man attempted to locate the importance of life and religions made war to control minds and unfathomable amounts of land.

The general population were famished of learning and kept in their place by teaching. In the far inaccessible past man adored the sun, the moon and different Gods. In Greece and later Rome, individuals trusted their Gods resembled grown-up people. They would contend, have youngsters play music and gathering. It was imperative for them to satisfy their Gods. A despondent God would bring discipline and passing. They even trusted that stones or shake contained spirits particularly limit stones.