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By | February 10, 2017

Truth be told, the review proposed that roughly 61.9% of all Muslims lived in the Asia and the Pacific Region. Moreover, the Middle East and North Africa (Arab nations) had 20.1% of the world’s Muslim populace.In the western world like in Europe, it comprises just 5% of the populace (around 38 million individuals) and half of the 4.6 million Muslims live in the United States.

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Besides, the review recommends that Islam is maybe one of the quickest developing religions on the planet because of the colossal birth rate among these nations. Though, Christianity development is backing off in light of the fact that a large portion of the nation with greater part Christians have a declining birth rate.

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Be that as it may, Christianity is the greatest religion on the planet and comprises of 2.1 billion individuals. Another fascinating certainty is that there are 900 million Hindus and just 14 million Jews on the planet today.The entire thought that a regular Muslim is Arab is not so much genuine.

This report impact through that myth and affirms that Islam is maybe one of the greatest religions of the world. Despite the fact that this exploration is not by any stretch of the imagination precise, it gives a photo of the kind of various convictions individuals have. The analysts looked through and broke down around 1,500 sources like overall public studies, evaluation reports and statistic contemplates.

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