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By | January 3, 2017

At the point when early Christians achieved Elephantina, for example, the British pilgrim, Moore, he was staggered by the comparability amongst them and the Christian Christ. He took a few pictures of their torturous killing back to England where they stay in the British Museum. He portrayed Wittoba, whose old sanctuary is at Punderpoor, agent “of the Romish crucifix.”(Holt 1996 refering to Britten 1887:65)

The number 5 identifies with sun-love and Islam. Celtic crosses bore 5 handles or managers (Bayley 1912:132). In Islam one implores 5 times each day while bowing towards the Kaaba at Mecca. It contains the pictures of the sun and moon in gold. The Islamic banner bears the 5-point star supported in the arms of the sickle moon.

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There is just a single body behind religions and that is the sun. It began much sooner than people existed as hereditary creatures took to worshiping it and utilizing gadgets to make the delightful sun-star. This awesome show is framed as the beams separate when the sun goes behind an opening or pinnacle.

In Babylon it was called Mary (Mari) and it signifies ‘mother’s effective eye’. This was the first home of Islam and the Amors, who possessed it, took the religion into all parts of the known world.

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