Girl Beaten On Road

By | January 3, 2017

Pretty much every religion has a prophet; a good example who evidently came to earth to train men on the most proficient method to live keeping in mind the end goal to have an everlasting life in the sky. Their believability has never been tried, be that as it may, as of not long ago.

Take note of the monotonous situation connected to each of them. Conceived on 25th December of a virgin birth (unthinkable), fled from abuse until of an age when they come back to perform wonders, at long last kicking the bucket on a cross and being raised to paradise.

There are somewhere in the range of 23 illustrations recorded of these alleged prophets and the one most similar to Jesus Christ is Krishna. At the point when debilitated as an infant by an envious lord, Cansa, who murdered all the young men he was taken to Egypt and lived there until the age of 12 when he came back to India and his first supernatural occurrence was to swing water to wine. Does this not ring a chime.

India has a decent number of them, for example, Indra the sun who was as far as anyone knows executed with 5 wounds, Wittoba, and others. Gregorius outlined “the Hindu God, Indra (the sun, nailed to a cross with 5 wounds”(Tinetium Alphabetum refered to Britten 1879:65).