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By | January 14, 2017

I am not saying that anybody ought not have the privilege to live as they pick, but instead that on the off chance that you choose to emigrate to another nation, you ought to know and acknowledge and adjust to the new environment you have lived in. For instance, you don’t travel to the Antarctic to see the penguins and pack just bermuda shorts and a shirt.

You recognize what you are getting into, and in the event that you need it to resemble home, then don’t go where life is distinctive, unless the whole reason for your trek is to change the place you are going to. Again this is the conduct of a trespasser, not a visitor.

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I call upon all non-muslim nations on the planet to combine and receive the state of mind that each subject or guest ought to be permitted religious flexibility, yet any individual who requests a change of the way a nation and its natives work for a recently arrived visitor ought to be esteemed a foe infiltrator, setting up a position inside the nation to which an assault is being arranged. We were here first!

We should gain from history. What number of nations have been attacked by the British and other European nations. Look what has happened to the indigenous individuals, they were slaughtered. History is rehashing itself, yet I trust that this time we can astute up and keep the inescapable.