This girl is demanding a Saudi Boy

By | January 4, 2017

There is no other individual with the special capabilities to help America accommodate with Islam to advance PEACE. In many circles I am known as the PEACE DUDE and I have various articles and books that examine the suggestion of WORLD PEACE. Obama could help us convey the gatherings to the table for an exceptional PEACE TREATY with the greater part of the countries of Islam including Iran.

In the event that we requesting that he concentrate on it I am very certain he could convince them to stop their quest for atomic weapons… what’s more, we ought to inspire him to guarantee us amid the civil arguments that he will encourage this not long after the decision regardless of the possibility that he loses.

Really what I imagine is the American People elevating Obama to Special United Nations Peace Envoy by voting, in November, for Romney. On the off chance that Mitt would make a guarantee to America that he would name Obama in his bureau to help us introduce a time of PEACE, I would vote in favor of Romney. Consider America’s position. We are in the red past anything we have ever experienced or has ever been experienced by any country on the planet.

On the off chance that we could advance peace with Islam we would have the capacity to cut the spending for our association in Afghanistan and in addition whatever is left of the Middle East to in this way decrease our deficiencies. Consolidate that with changes that Romney would start by utilizing his strength/turnaround strategies and we have the ideal circumstance for America to make genuine walks in the coming four years.