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By | December 29, 2016

He is portrayed in Revelation 13:13-18 as the second mammoth whose number is 666. It obviously states in that that he designed Jesus Christ and constrained everybody to adore as he coordinated or they would be murdered. He likewise took control of cash and exchange. He kept consistent the things of the primary brute, which is distinguished as Ismal, the child of Abraham. ‘I-s-mama el’ translates as ‘eye of light-mother god’ and alludes to the sun and the five-pointed star on its banner and imagery.

Composed another way it is “Islam” and terms were adjusted every now and again to abstain from interfacing the foundations of religion to the sun. The manufacturers and occupiers of Babylon were the Amors who attacked, killed, stole, oppressed and possessed all of Mesopotamia. They then moved into the Mediterranean where they constructed Roma (switch Amor) and as the Romans they carried on in an indistinguishable way from some time recently.

Revamping the Islamic religion into another arrangement was a smart strategy on Constantine’s part and the fathers of his religion. It was then improved further when Jerome aggregated and incompletely composed the New Testament toward the end of the fourth CAD. This guaranteed the ‘Child of God’ was solidified set up as well as it assumed control over the part of incomparable God alongside Mary, his supposed virgin mother who was none other than Mari the sun-star of Babylon.

The outcome was the various dull mountains or religions conceived of it. They are the many branches of Christianity that are effortlessly characterized as they utilize renditions of a similar book of scriptures that Jerome aggregated. They all take after the thoughts of the prophet presented by Constantine and they fundamentally have a similar request of administration, ensembles, instruments, celebrations, devour days and schedule that he took from the Imperial Islamic religion for the new request.