Girl ends her life on live

By | January 12, 2017

“Peace is the thing that our religion Islam is based upon. It is the religion of Peace. Nobody needs to discover peace, once you are in peace you will discover it. It stays with you and you simply need to find and investigate it. Everybody is a peace diplomat once he/she has found peace. Peace is a definitive objective… as it’s been said Rest in Peace.”

Ghalib discovers motivation in observing the lives of the general population whom his association changed. As far back as he began the Rescue Pakistan Youth Foundation, Ghalib has gotten various messages and different reactions, which are loaded with thanks from the general population who have profited from the work of Ghalib’s association.

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A considerable measure of times, when Ghalib feels a bit overburdened by the sheer measure of things that should be done, he basically thinks back to every one of his achievements and utilizations them as an inspiration to accomplish more.

Beside the incalculable thanks that he gets from the general population who have been aided by his association, Ghalib draws his quality from the undying trust that he finds in his nation Pakistan. A genuine nationalist, Ghalib has perceived how the nation has remained through the trial of time. In a meeting with him, Ghalib says:

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