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By | January 7, 2017

It was, is, and dependably will be Man’s craving for Truth and edification of his actual nature and domain that inspires him to look for through each channel and road for that specific something that he subliminally feels he had “lost” and which is his to re-secure – call it “the Lost Word,” “the Philosopher’s Stone,” or “the Holy Grail,” it is important not. Speculative chemistry shows Man the standards of recovery and revival, laws of creation and transmutation; laws that would help Man to recapture his previous domain lost in “the Fall.

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” This “Fall” from Paradise typically speaks to involution of the human life wave into physical matter. The route back to the Throne of God is experimentally called “development,” and the speeding up of the last is the craft of the hermetic gnosis. This Path of Return is exclusively and graphically symbolized by Jacob’s Ladder, and the ways of the Qaballistic “Tree of Life.”

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The show of Jesus’ life is a catalytic purposeful anecdote of the means of recovery and rising to the I AM Presence inside, the “Father who workmanship in Heaven.” Orthodox Christianity does not perceive or is unconscious of this essential truth, and on account of the absence of supernatural understanding among most individuals from its brotherhood combined with the nonappearance of recondite truths in the tenets and authoritative opinions of the Church.

the normal Christian is uninformed and ignorant of the genuine message of Christianity- – of the Light, the Christ substance, and the genuine sparing blood that Christ acquainted with mankind. Exclusive Christianity is in a general sense a catalytic science and religion; its promulgator was a Master Alchemist- – being educated in the initiatory lobbies of the Mystery Schools.