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By | January 7, 2017

There is no broad simultaneousness among researchers with regards to the birthplace of “speculative chemistry.” The accord is that the word is gotten from “Khem,” the old name for Egypt, added to the Arabic article “al,” signifying “the,” in this way framing “al-Khemy.” However, Sir Wallis Budge is of the conclusion that speculative chemistry originates from the Egyptian word “khemein,”

which means the “dark powder” or “metal” which is ventured to be a fixing in speculative chemistry. Regardless of where it secured its name, “speculative chemistry,” no doubt, first became a force to be reckoned with in the Mystery Schools in Alexandria.Motivation behind AlchemyBe that as it may, exactly what is speculative chemistry, and what part does it play in the advancement of the welfare of humanity?

In the event that speculative chemistry has any genuine esteem, it must be based upon unceasing qualities, upon the things that bolster Heaven’s motivations; as such, upon God’s arrangement of mankind’s getting to be into the genuine Elohimic picture of the perfect. In the event that speculative chemistry just had a natural goal, geniuses of the Ages would not have fretted about it. It would have been considered as something so inconsequential, so transient, as to divert Man from the genuine work of removing himself, particularly, from his servitude to the bodily self, the kama manas, or creature soul; and by and large, from samsara. Voracity was never the motivation that provoked the development of speculative chemistry.